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It’s holiday in the Philippines today. However, I have some events to attend. My plan is to go Megamall in the afternoon to claim my prize in Yoshinoya contest.Then, I’ll go to the food event at Cocktales.

One of the cool places where Filipinos can simmer the heat down this summer is Cocktales, a dessert parlor by the Fruitas group.
At Cocktales, dessert lovers can try their different concoctions that come in four categories: Desserts, Shaken, Stirred, and Hot Items.

Desserts are actually fruit bowls, with a bed of shaved ice and topped with a milky sauce. They have the Beauty Boost (a bowl of detoxifying papaya), Tropical Paradise (a mixture of various fruits), Caribbean Dream (a combination of banana and papaya), Coconut Paradise (a blend of various fruits with shredded coconut meat and topped with vanilla ice cream), and Mango Bananarama (a fusion of mangoes and banana, with tapioca and rice balls). hmmmm sounds yummy. I think I need to bring my supplements for weight loss. Because I heard at Cocktales, there are the heavenly Cocktale drinks (of course, minus the hangover since they are just inspired by popular alcoholic drinks). They have the Chocolate Apple Martini, Vanilla Lychee Margarita (chilled lychee shake in margarita glass), Long Island Iced Tea (blend with the English breakfast tea), Watermelon Mojito with a touch of ginger and mint, Mango Daquiri with tapioca balls, and PiƱa Colada, a mocktail with pineapple and mint, among others.


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