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Restaurant City Tips and Tricks


We all love food. We appreciate food and we crave for food.

Before, I want to have my own restaurant. However, I don’t have the resources to pursue  that dream but thanks to Restaurant City, I can at least pretend that I can.  Restaurant City is a new game on facebook developed by Playfish.

In Restaurant City, you get to create and run your very own restaurant! Design it, decorate it, hire your friends to work in it, and collect new ingredients and menu items!

I’ve been playing Restaurant City for a week now and I’m loving it.

So now, let me share some few tips and pointers for Restaurant City.

How do you get ingredients?

  • Daily Freebie
    This is automatic and will greet you as soon as you log on each day.
  • Daily Quiz
    Each day, you receive a quiz question in your inbox. If you answer the food quiz correctly, you get a free ingredient.
  • Visiting a Friend’s restaurant for the first time (Get clicking!)

How can I gain GP (Gourmet points) faster?
Simple. Keep your browser on! Just leave your restaurant city on, even if you’re not playing. This way, you’ll be sure to gain those extra points which you cannot get while you’re offline. This is also useful if you want to gain level faster.

Keep your employees happy!
Feed them or let them rest. If only they have natural appetite suppressant, so it can suppress their appetite, burn fat and increase their energy output.   Remember: Higher happiness = More productivity.

Ways to gain more coins
Get quick coins by picking up trash and shaking trees.   While you’re in restaurant view, scroll around your lot. Click all the trees you see because they sometimes drop coins. You aren’t guaranteed a coin every time you do it but it is still an easy way to gain some coins.

Focus on one recipe
Restrain yourself from leveling up lots of recipes art once.  Your restaurant can only serve one dish from each category (appetizer, main course & dessert) at a time.   So, choose one recipe, click to make sure it’s the recipe being served, and level that up.  The higher the level, the more reputation you gain per customer. Make use of the trading feature in Restaurant city!

Meal level to thumbs up conversion
Level 1 = +1.0
Level 2 = +1.2
Level 3 = +1.4
Level 4 = +1.6
Level 5 = +1.8
Level 6 = +2.0
Level 7 = +2.2
Level 8 = +2.4
Level 9 = +2.6
Level10 = +2.8

Make your layout more efficient
As much as possible, avoid too much space between the waiters and the tables.   Fix your table layout so that your waiter doesn’t have to walk far to serve your tables.

For the table ratio, I go for 3:1. It means 3 tables per 1 cook. Then 1-2 waiters per 3 cooks.

Prioritize more cooks over waiters.

Play in lower quality
There’s a button on the top left corner of the game which allows you to adjust the game quality. Changing your quality to low makes the game run much faster, hence each customer visit goes faster = more cash.

Create waiting chairs
Waiting chair is a feature which allows you to increase the time in which a customer waits before leaving. This is useful as every customer who leaves disgruntled results in a decrease of your restaurant’s reputation. To make waiting chairs, read the following tips for higher success rate.

  • Don’t place the waiting chairs next to the door
  • Don’t place too many chairs.
  • Place one or two arcade machines to keep your customers entertained for a bit longer.

Make a maze
If your waiters are struggling to clear the dishes in time for new customers then make a maze. This increases the time the customer takes to reach the table and the table should have already been cleared by the time the customer reaches it.

Close your Restaurant
If you can’t login for a long time, you may close your restaurant by blocking the door with something like a chair, table or your mailbox. Or you can just remove the door itself.

Warning: Restaurant City is very addicting. LOL …

Also you can check my post on Restaurant City Q and A.  Anyway, do you know any Restaurant City cheats? I’ll try to share some Restaurant City cheats if I find some.


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  1. maggie says:

    aye, aye captain!

    i’ll remember all of that… :))

    maggie’s last blog post..Food Trip sa Tag-init (Pizza Hut)

  2. Mitch says:

    Thanks sa tips! Makapag-alog nga nga trees!

    Mitch’s last blog post..Full-packed

  3. Mauie says:

    Thanks for the tips! Grabe, sama-sama na tayo sa addiction na ito!

  4. eenna says:

    if i block my door, does it affect my popularity points?

  5. […] can also check my Restaurant City Tips and Tricks. Please check out my other sites: Pinay Ads | Foodstuff Blog | Biz N Honey | Techsterr | Yipee […]

  6. Badet says:

    Hi Aeirin, I just started playing Restaurant City and these are nice tips! You’re right that RC is truly addicting.

    Badet’s last blog post..Camp Sabros Zip Line and other zip lines in Davao

  7. aeirin says:

    nope. If you block your door no one can enter your restaurant. However, you will not gain gourmet or popularity points.

  8. greg says:

    add nio ko sa facebook! para may ingredients tayo!

    [email protected] kung d nio ko mhnap search nio greg dy thanks!

    add me in facebook so that we, together, will get ingredients!

    my email is [email protected] if you can’t find me, try searching ” greg dy “

  9. Kristel says:

    Hmmmn. Gain coins by shaking trees? Aww. I tried clicking trees but no coins fell. Haha!

  10. alvin says:

    how come i see ppl can leave RC running and their employees can never be unhappy
    they are like auto fed…

  11. arlene says:

    thanks for the tips sis…i shook the tree. no coin. but i always pick garbage. gusto ko damihan na ang tables para maka gawa na ako ng block formation. 😀

    yeah sort of addicting. ika 3 nights ko pa dito.

    yong quality game — di ko pa alam saan yon e adjust.

    arlene’s last blog post..What, When, & How

  12. arlene says:

    thanks for the tips sis…i shook the tree. no coin. but i always pick garbage. gusto ko damihan na ang tables para maka gawa na ako ng block formation. 😀

    yeah sort of addicting. ika 3 nights ko pa dito.

    yong quality game — di ko pa alam saan yon e adjust.

  13. its not competitive anymore because after all of your effort some one will use cheat engine! actually before i read this blog or whatever they called this, i already doing some of her or his tips except for the 3:1 (3 is to 1 ratio) between guests and cooks but regarding shaking trees, picking rubbish, keeping staff stamina full etc im doing that! but anyway thnxz for some new tips thnxz for legal tips and tricks!

  14. Chloe Kenzo says:

    In trading, it also helps if you take a look at the entrees of the person ur gonna trade with. As much as possible trade an ingredient that they also need.

    Add nio ko ha ;-p

  15. euge says:

    add me sa facebook para mas maraming ingredients…at hire me as one of ur employees..eheheh… just search for “Eugene Luzon” sa facebook then add me:D tnx

  16. blub says:

    salamat, amigo!

  17. Cris says:

    how can u make the restaurant ppopularity higher?

  18. rob says:

    add nyo ko!! hehehe [email protected]

  19. kc says:

    hi peepz! i play rc too. Ei i think ur missing something too. I’m only level 5 but already reached 30 popularity. So i see that ur already in lvel 14 but only have 42.6 popularity. Peepz madali lang mag level up ng popularity as long as u prevent people from complaining. Visit my site for tips. add nyo din ako sa RC nyo. [email protected] type in RC as message

  20. kc says:

    Don’t use the cheat engine if you want to learn how to run business and budget. You’ll learn to think why, how, what’s wrong…. otherwise you won’t enjoy playing if you cheat.

  21. Trina says:

    shake the trees sa lot mo pag nasa loob ka ng restaurant mo, then go back sa street mode tapos pasok ka ulit sa restaurant mo then shake the trees again.. it’ll give a coin each time you do it..

  22. Chester says:

    Man you are right this is so addicitng I just used my phone and bought like 50,000 coins from the game which cost me my whole month allowance…Too addictive

  23. james says:

    add niyo po ako!!! [email protected] thanks… need ko tomato cno willing makipag trade?

  24. Cy Pesigan says:

    Restaurant City sure is addictive, thanks for the tips

  25. Mortred says:

    People! Add nyu ako (Add Me Please) [email protected] is my address please add me i need more chefs… please!!!

  26. miko says:

    add nio ko sa facebook! =) para madame tayo ingredients. just type mykelle gullon. ung first one. ung lalake. haha. thanks rc people.

  27. kym says:

    ask ko lang kung panu mawawala ungt body nung restaurant.. just like it would be invisible???how.how.how

  28. ed says:

    if u hire ur friends, do they get any points or coins on their acct? What is the advantage to me if i get hired?

  29. kym says:

    how would you make your restaurant5 invisible in the exterior.

  30. ricardo says:

    i need more ingridients. pls help me by adding me to your list([email protected]}.

  31. ulo says:


  32. genviv says:

    wow..ate..same rin tau ng mga ginagawa..hehehe nice one..pra nmn malamn rin ng iba 😀

  33. yammy says:

    ate… pano po ang auto feed?? i min, ung iba kasi,.. di nag OOL… pero running ang restaurants nila..

  34. jill says:

    can anyone tell what meal i should be aiming 2 provide to receive more gourmet points? all i can make is damn soup!

  35. josh23 says:

    meron na cheats dyan!!!!! hehehehehehe awoooooooo!!!!!! kaka adik nga yang game na yan!!!!! hehehehehe!!!!! punta kayo sa http://www.symbianize.com then register, then go to main menu after you register then find web/internet
    then hanapin/search nyo lang yung restaurant city then lalabas na yung mga topic dun meron ding cheats engine dun para mandaya ng coins!!!!!!!!!! hehehehhe!!!!! wag nyo pagkalat para di block yung pandadaya!!!!!!!


  36. eriika~ says:

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    [email protected]

  37. Warren says:

    Nice Guide, it will help. Please add me on your Facebook: [email protected]

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    nice guide…
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  39. markie says:

    restaurant city is very good !!!!!!!
    play and cook
    add me plz……[email protected]
    hoy!!!!! pinoy ako!!!!!

  40. Cindy says:

    If you want to gain GP then but need to open another page on facebook, or go some where else on the RC game, then open up a new window or tab, the other one stays there.

  41. Lyn says:

    How to ans the daily quiz correctly??a few quests I have never come across..

  42. Adriana says:

    please add me to exchange ingredients, just mention Restaurant City
    [email protected]

  43. Tennkreed says:

    The trees trick does work,,, go INSIDE your restaurant, pull it back with mouse and shake the trees behind your restaurant. SECOND OF ALL BEST TIP EVER:::::::: Go to GOurmet alley and go to restaurant CLOSED t hey have 15 pcs of trash, then go back to your street and then back there and it will be there again. DO this for hours and you will gain points and money. 15pcs every time.

  44. Heather says:

    Add me on Facebook!! [email protected]

  45. Hessa-Kuwait says:

    Hey Thanks For The Tips..It Will Really Help Me!

  46. skyfrd says:

    i need ingriedients… add me up [email protected]

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    add me up i need new ingredients… [email protected]

  48. Dorothy says:

    How do I log out? Jut log out from fb or what? 😛

  49. rise says:

    pano gamitin yan

  50. arvim says:

    pa add naman sa FB

    Please [email protected] yan akin need friends lang po ^^

  51. Bill says:

    SAVING GAME – Get the maxinmum out of your game. 1) give 100% to all your employees 2) Put to rest all your employees by clicking on each employee and clicking on the REST (bed button) this will reenergize your employees while they sleep 3) On the Upper-left of your screen you will see a computer disc, click on it and save it , When you sign back on your employees will be well rested and you will have 2000+ coins in your account.
    Minimum time 1 Hour 30 mins. NOTICE: this game tip doesn’t always work.

  52. Bill says:

    FASTER CLEAN & FIX – Instead of hiring the janitor to clean all you have to do is click with your mouse to clean toilets, fix arcade machines, clear tables. It does not work on Neighbors Restaurants – Per RC Friend

  53. Bill says:

    FREE ENERGY FOR NEIGHBOR’S EMPLOYEE – Click on the Orange Lunchbox on screen

    and you can give your neighbor’s free energy to your neighbors every day (Limit is 20 friends per day) Free Energy ranges:

    Water…..…25% Energy

    Apple…..…50% Energy

    Banana……75% Energy

    Sandwich..100% Energy

  54. Angela says:

    RC is addictive. Great tips! There is also a great Beginner Game Guide to Restaurant City on Facebook that’s helpful for new players starting out in the game.

  55. DILLON says:

    can you add me on Facebook. my name is Dillon Walker and there will be a photo of a cat with a sniper rifle.


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