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Last Easter Sunday, I took my niece Arielle to Eastwood City for the Easter Wonderland event.  She had fun that day. On our way home, she asked me how come I get invites to this kind of event.  I explained to her that Eastwood City is inviting bloggers to cover the event.  Then, she had so many questions about blogging.

Since, she was so interested on blogging.  I asked her to write her experience during the Easter Wonderland.  She didn’t have an access to computer that time, so she wrote it in a paper. Here’s what she wrote:

She has grammatical errors but what do we expect… She’s only nine years old.  Then, Trixie decided to create a blog for Arielle.   You may visit Arielle’s blog at http://qinarielle.blogspot.com/

Oops… I spent 2 hours looking for a template for Arielle’s blog and I forgot to do a nuphedra review. I’ll just continue working with Arielle’s blog later after the my pending review.


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