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I was browsing through my photos and found this pic.  It was taken 3 years ago when we were playing paintball.

That was the first time I play paintball and I can say it was fun.  It is a great activity for leisure hours.

And recently, I found a website where you can get paintball equipment.   Jasse Paintball is a premier online paintball store for scenario paintball gear.  They offer popular paintball guns like the Tippmann A5, X7, Tippmann 98, BT TM7, BT4 Delta Elite, US Army Alpha Black Tactical, Spyder MR1 and Spyder MR2.  They also carry paintball pistols like the Ariakon Overlord, Ariakon ACP 2.0, Tiberius 8, Tiberius T9 Ranger.
Shopping in is secure and safe.  Jasse Paintball is secured by McAfee so feel safe ordering your paintball guns or accessories from us. You can also call us toll free at 877-999-7682.


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