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10th year of friendship


Last January 10, my college friends and I had our annual meet up.   Our friendship started when we were in 1st year college.  We were in the same section, though we had different sets of friends.  But eventually, our group merged.  To be honest, until now we are not still sure how our group merged but we are all glad that we did.

This is how we looked like before:

Jackie, Adi, Iris, Bevs, Jenny, Carla, Belle (Mhyles is not on the photo)
Jackie, Adi, Iris, Bevs, Jenny, Carla, Belle (Mhyles is not on the photo)

And now:

Standing: Jackie, Belle, Carla, Jenn.. Sitting: Iris, Adi, Bevs (Mhyles not in the picture AGAIN!)

Too bad, on both photos Mhyles was not included.  I’m not sure where she was during the first picture. However, on our recent get together, Mhyles is currently in Singapore.  She will be back after 11 months.

During our last get together, we planned for a monthly activities and hopefully they will come true hehe.

Also, thanks Bevs for reminding me that we’ve been friends for 10 years.  Tagal na pala.  Pero wala ka pa ding boyfriend! LOL

But seriously, gals I really miss all of you.  I really hope we can meet not just once a year.  One day isn’t enough for our chikahan.  Kay Adi lang ubos n oras natin sa haba ng ikkwento nyan.  Joke…

I really love to be with you girls. Gimik tayo ha.

And at last, after 10 years, our group has a name. Thanks to my husband for naming us “Jigsaw Gurls”.  Wondering why Jigsaw? From my husband’s own words: “Kasi para kayong puzzle na hindi mabuobuo.”  Funny, but true.  Mhyles, umuwi ka na kasi mara mabuo na tayo.

Anyway, Jigsaw gurls, I can’t wait for our concert date.  Mwah. Love yah gurls!


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  1. aajao says:

    uhmm… walang masyadong nagbago. hehe.. ang saya ng mga ganitong get-together ano? lalo na pag barkada kayo 😉

    aajao’s last blog post..the first workweek of 2009 that was

  2. Nakakatuwa namang tignan and nakakatuwang malaman na you’re all friends for a decade now! This is a JuanDerPul friendship!

    JuanDerPul PINOY’s last blog post..9-Day Blogging Break: The Making of a JuanDerPul Student

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  4. cielo says:

    I love reunions…kasi it put our feet back to the ground…..nakakabata na din

    actually we will be having our 20th HS reunion this april at excited na talaga ako….


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