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Not All Jokes Are Funny

Maybe you are wondering why is my title like that.

It is simple. Some jokes are insulting. Some jokes can hurt others’ feeling.

Anyway, I’m saying this because I was or should I say, I am deeply hurt with what I read this morning in one of the forums (where I’m currently an active member). They will have a huge contest this coming December. I just made a post that I hope it will not be the same date as our Christmas Party. Then to my surprise, I received a reply from the person who I treated like my father in online world. He said “pera o tsibog” (money or food). I’m not sure if I’m too sensitive or what. But I felt it’s an insult.

I admit I need money, but not to the point I will let our reunion pass. And I’m not attending parties just for food. I’m not “mukhang pera” (someone who has the propensity to acquire money, a worldly person, someone who values money and riches above everything else) and I’m not “patay gutom” (extremely hungry, tramp, destiture).

Though, he already said sorry and that he was just joking, the damage has been done.

So next time, (just a friendly advise) if you are planning to tell a joke, you should be more cautious so you dont offend people. Not all jokes are funny especially when someone might get offended.

Written By Aeirin


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  1. Mommy Ruby says:

    i hope you are OK now.

    by the way, just arrived from bacolod, im in cagayan de Oro right now. 🙂

  2. Zriz says:

    I read the entry sa thread sis and I admit I would feel exactly the same way as you.

    I also agree that the “damage has been done” and I know it will be a little bit hard for things to go back the way it was before.

    I didn’t view it as a humorous joke sis…

  3. Nelle says:

    sorry about what happened, i didn’t know exactly what it is but I do get your point. Hope you’re all good now. tc

  4. sweetytots says:

    hi, there are a lot of insensitive people in the blogosphere, believe me. I got much more insulting words. In fact I post it in my blog, haha.. Whats worse is that, I think it came from someone that I respected, such as the one who said that to you. I can really say that I know how you feel. At dinibdib ko tlga.. in fact 1 week yata akong di nagblog.. you can read it here http://sweetprettynaughty.blogspot.com/2008/10/nasty-coward-comment.html, its funny now.. kse super nagtaray ako.. mabait ka nga d2 eh..pero u’ll know why pag binasa mo.. hehhe


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