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My first Sony experience is with my Sony Walkman

It’s really good to reminisce the past! Looking back, I can only smile to those silly things I have done. But what I can’t really forget is those happy times when I was in high school – the most memorable part of one’s life, agree?

Since during those good ‘ol days, mp3, mp4 and iPod, among others, were just in our imagination, all I have to boast is my Sony Walkman. I had it for more than two years. Talking about quality products….

Since I’m the only one, I think (lol), who had this “hi-tech” gadget that time, I instantly became popular at school and many befriended me. And guess what?! One of them is my crush…. (giggles). At that time, I really felt lucky to own a Sony Walkman, through it, I don’t need to swoon over him so he’d just look at me.

Sony Walkman
Sony WalkmanMy classmates and friends are literally falling in line to borrow my walkman. Yes, that’s really true! (my school was just a small one and belongs to the “never-heard -schools”). When it’s my crush’s turn to borrow it, I’ll act as if I don’t like him to borrow it. I even told him that I can’t enjoy listening to my favorite musics/bands anymore because they’re always borrowing it.

Luckily, my strategy worked and he’d plea to borrow it. After some pleas and refusals, I would agree but on one condition. Of course, he’ll ask, “what’s that?” I just simply replied, “We share”. In short, we both listen to my Sony Walkman, and I, at that time, was very very happy to be with him, beside him, actually…

There were also some times where I’m not listening to my professor but to my walkman, instead. My crush would even sit beside me, we’d hide the walkman and share the earphones. Oh, that was heaven for me! Honestly, I’m giggling right now remembering those times (lol).

Those were the days… (sighs)… I just wish I still have my Sony Walkman now and not just those pictures…Actually, I lost it since we have been moving homes a lot of times, so it was misplaced. But what we have until now is the Sony VHS at my mom’s place and surprisingly, it’s still in perfect condition, though we seldom use it now due to the advent of a much sophisticated and multifunctional DVD’s.

Anyway, it (my Sony Walkman) definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First World’s First Slimmest Camera with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber-Shot T77, which is not just slim and stylish but also handy that I can carry it anywhere, anytime especially during blogger’s event like the Sony Expo event.

Written By Aeirin


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  1. dRei says:

    I want to giggle too…hahaha, good entry!

  2. Mindanaoan says:

    Astig, you still have the unit ha? Good luck sa contest =)

  3. rybax says:

    wow… i wish i had a walkman before, until now.. i don’t have even an mp3 .. huhuhu… but I have a PC! HAHAHA


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