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Miss Conception

With so much distractions on my mind, my husband asked me to join him in watching a movie. We watched Miss Conception starring Heather Graham and Tom Ellis.

Miss ConceptionMiss Conception is a movie about a woman whose biological clock is a ticking time bomb. Graham plays Georgina Scott, a thirtysomething yuppie, with a baby-phobic boyfriend, who learns that she has just four days to get pregnant. Unfortunately, Zak (Tom Ellis) and Georgina had a fight, and Zak sets off on a documentary shoot and hopes that she’ll cool off in his absence. So desperate to have a baby, Georgina spends more or less every scene trying, and failing in finding a man to get her pregnant before it’s too late.

Miss Conception is an okay movie. I like Graham’s accent. But it made me more worried about me – not having a baby. I know my husband’s intention of watching this movie is good (which is not to think of my problems), but it really scares and worries me more.

Written By Aeirin


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