Clear Black Night Halloween Dance Party


Clear Black Night Halloween Dance PartyLast October 31st, I (with Ktrix, Gabs, and our friends) attended the CLEAR Black Night Halloween Dance Events at Taste Asia, SM Hypermart Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The night was organised by CLEAR haircare range, and they invite a number of bloggers, much like myself. It certainly makes a change from staying indoors, and playing CheekyBingo whilst writing your latest blog post! Read on to find out everything that happened at the event, and see some great photos from our night!

Clear Black Night Halloween Dance Party
When we arrived at the venue, it was already jam-packed. During registration, we learned that it was not exclusive for bloggers. Sexy ladies, hunk men, celebrities, models and bloggers were all over the place. The mix of bloggers and non bloggers made it more fun.

Clear Black Night Halloween Dance Party
Then, we headed to the food station. They served sumptuous food like barbeque, chicken ala king, tempura, and more. Of course the party will never be complete without beer. The bar had free flowing of beers and other drinks like rum coke, Vodka 7 and tequila.

Clear Black Night Halloween Dance Party (Roel, Gabs, Iris, Kenneth
We had some beers and headed to the dance floor. Gabs introduced me to Fitz of Ready To Be Rich and Jehzeel of Jehzlau Concepts. Then, we decided to sit for a while and enjoy our drinks. But the music was very inviting (thanks to DJ Anne Barcelona), so we started to dance.

In the middle of fun and non-stop dancing, Bianca had a special announcement. Jacay Candava, Jhed Cabrera, Andrea Toribio, and Nerissa Almo won SM gift certificates. While MJ Ong and Chef Tristan Encarnacion won the Best in Sexy Black Female and Male. They both received iPod Shuffle.

Ms Earth Candidates in Clear Black Night Halloween Dance Party
The highlight of the event was when Ms Earth candidates joined the people in the dance floor. Good thing I use Clear Anti-Dandruff shampoo as it gave me the confidence to dance and to move closer to the Ms Earth candidates anytime without worrying about dandruff.

Ms Earth candidates with me in Clear Black Night Halloween Dance PartyDiba, I look confident even I’m with Ms Earth Candidates.

I’m with the boys (Nikko and Melvin)



Around 1am, we were tired and a little drunk, so we decided to leave the dance floor. Since we already received a package from Clear a week before the event, we did not expect to have a souvenir.

Clear package that was sent out to those who registered early

However, on our way out, somebody handed us a Clear paper bag with lot of stuffs to make sure we stay confident and dandruff free. Now, we can wear black without any worries. Thanks to Clear.

Freebies for Men. (A shirt, Clear ActivSport. Clear Conditioner Ice Cool) 

Freebies for Ladies. (A shirt, Clear Complete Soft Care. Clear Conditioner Ice Cool and CreamSilk Leave on)

Anyway, we really had a blast. Thanks to Clear, Unilever, and SM Hypermarket for a fun and memorable Halloween Party.

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  1. Fitz says:

    It was nice meeting you that night. Hope to see you more in blogger events. And good luck on the Clear contest. 😀

  2. Aileen Apolo says:

    Great coverage! Don’t forget to register your entry for the contest =)

  3. Tom says:

    It was really a clear dark night full of fun and more…

    Oh! We missed the exit freebies. We left just after midnight.

  4. aeirin says:

    @Fitz, if the next blogger events will be as fun as Clear party, for sure we will see each other again.

    @aileen, thanks. Thanks for reminding me.

    @tom, too bad you missed the freebies. But with or without the freebies, Clear made the night a memorable one. I really had fun.

  5. Jehzeel Laurente says:

    hello!!! nice meeting you sa event aeirin 😀

  6. aeirin says:

    nice meeting you too Jehzlau

  7. Manu says:

    super saya ng party na to..daming food..hehee until next party…goodluck sa itouch contest.

  8. helgajurk says:


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