Translation in Less Than an Hour

Is your business requires translation services? I found a great site that might interest you. It is called OneHourTranslation.

I discovered OneHourTranslation earlier when I was reading a novel that has French words in it. And as my wanting to know the meaning of those words, I searched online for a translation services. allows you to translate anything fast and cheaply. This site makes it easy for us to send a document or even an entire site translated into another language such as English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin/ Cantonese), Dutch, French, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. And recently they added 10 more languages to their portfolio: Turkish, Ukraine, Bulgarian, Romanian, Indonesian, Bengali, Tamil, Malay, Greek, Indonesian.

I got so interested that I signed up as a translator and I learned that OneHourTranslation makes sure that their customer gets the highest quality of services. They allow their customers and translators interact with each other using their public board. And since customers expect professional human-translation solely, translators are not allowed to use any Automated/Machine Translation software or websites.

But this service is not free, but don’t worry it is very affordable. For 100 words, you just need to pay US$ 3.99 only and you can pay using a Paypal account. That is a small amount for high quality service.

So if you need to translate something, head on to and you’ll get your translation in less than an hour.


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