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Is my blog an auto-redirect site???

Yesterday morning, I received an email from the dNeero Conversation Master that my blog is an auto-redirect site. At first, I was not sure what he is talking about. Of course this is an auto-redirect site because my blog is hosted by blogspot and I redirect it from my own domain. But I received another email from him and here what he said:

Hi Iris,

OK, when I go to https://www.irisaeirincollections.com/ and wait a few seconds the page refreshes and I end up at another site … for example, I just ended up at http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/ and then I hit the back button, waited a few seconds and ended up at http://www.plumpuddingkitchen.com/ … so, yes, you are posting correctly to your blog, but when I go there I am automatically redirected to some other site … however, b/c your site has shown for me, you get credit for an impression … since the intent of our business is to generate conversations within your social network and your site does not allow me to read the dNeero widget, I must say that you are not in compliance with our very basic policy.

From what I can read from your message below, you may not be aware that your site is causing this redirect … suggest you ask your friends to test for you. And don’t worry, we’ll work with you, as long as you work with us.

Conversation Master

Is it true that my blog is an auto-redirect site? Have you experience that to my blog?

One more thing, he said that my site won’t allow him to read the dNeero widget, but I tried it to other browsers like Firefox3, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer and the widget is up.





Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer





Please let me know if you are experiencing any abnormalities on my blog. Thanks in advance.

Written By Aeirin


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  1. blankshooting says:

    no abnormalities for me, looks like it’s all working fine here 🙂

  2. arlene {Joys in life} says:

    Hi sis, all the time i visit this site but i was never redirected to other sites.

  3. aeirin says:

    Actually, this is the first time I heard that my site is redirected to other site. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciates it

  4. diTesco says:

    Hello. Worked well on all my browsers, IE8, Firefox and Chrome. I even did the following:

    First. Did you know that http://www.yourname.com is not the same as yourdomain.com (without the www)? Sometimes this can happen in blogger because you have not chosen to redirect the www to the without the www. You can check under settings, publishing tab, in blogger to make sure. Anyway, did test it without the www and also worked well for me.

    Unless you got spammed. Did you check if the email you got was actually from dneero?

  5. aeirin says:

    yeah it came from [email protected] (I did not put the actual email) It came from Mr. Joe Reger, Sr.

    And I found his profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joesr

    I really don’t know what to do. But Thanks for checking my site.

  6. ARCHITECT says:

    there is nothing wrong here.. all clear to me..

  7. Sherry says:

    testing here, hope there’s nothing wrong.

  8. Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious says:

    hi aeirin, i was here for 10 mins but is still seeing yr site! 🙂

    Jean Chia

  9. diTesco says:

    Yep. his profile does check out. Up to a while ago (just enough time until I finish writing here) everything is ok. I can see your dNeero Widget w/o problems. You might want to write to him (if you have not still done so)and ask if he still is experiencing the same problem. Give him feedback from these comments. Apparently, up to now, no one but them has problems opening you site. Hope you solve this…

  10. kouji haiku says:

    i just tried loading your site right now, and i’m not experiencing any problems. the site loads normally, as one would expect. 🙂

    perhaps you could make a video showing what you see when you load your site, and sent a link to the guy?


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