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As a music lover and a band member, my husband is always browsing for music related site. Then yesterday, he came across a site called Unicorn Media. Unicorn Media is an entertainment destination built for the coming digital entertainment revolution. By harnessing the massive reach of the Internet, Unicorn Media gives established and emerging music, film and video artists an easy way to gain worldwide exposure while earning money from their work – reinventing the traditional media model and setting off a revolution in digital entertainment.

My husband and I agree that Unicorn Media is a great music promotion tool and independent film promotion as well. Unicorn Media offers a broad selection of professionally produced, high-quality digital entertainment that you can watch (Uvideo) and listen to (Utunes), and you can enjoy all of them for free. You can also enjoy creating customized mixed media mixed playlists of favorite songs, videos, and films and share them with your friends.

They also have a blog called Unicorn Sightings that has updated articles, postings and reviews of the movies, bands, or songs on the Unicorn Media site. They also have tips for musician that wants to get signed, which my husband feels it’s a very helpful and informative article. Unicorn Media wants artists to succeed and they provide the tools that will share the artists’ works in the world. They are simply changing the way entertainers profit from high-quality digital entertainment.

So if you are musicians, bands, and independent filmmakers, Unicorn Media is definitely for you.


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