PMC Weekly Fest: WHEN YOU WERE….!

PMC Weekly Fest

This week’s benefactors: Pinaymama’s Diary, A Mother’s Journal, Simple Life, Simply Me and Pinay in States

This was our first out of town vacation. It was September 6, 2005. We went to Puerto Galera to celebrate his birthday and our 1 year & 7 months of being a boyfriend-girlfriend.


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  1. Jerla Oh lalala says:

    uy first entry tlga si mommy eirin heheheh

  2. lurchie says:

    wow..nice pics! 🙂

  3. arlene/sunshinelene says:

    hi aei, ang cute nyo dito.

    am glad PMC is back but just can’t play this week. wala akong picture with hubby. buti pa mga exes meron. hehehe

  4. xxxNinaxxx says:

    cute naman mommy…sana makapag out of town din kami….

  5. genny/entry here says:

    That’s cute naman Aeirin….

  6. Z'riz says:

    Wow sis! Both of you look nice! I like you with short hair, too! 🙂

    Check out my entry here: Weekly Fest: The Good ‘Ole Days

  7. ? Pinaymama ? says:

    wow!!! first entry!!! Love puerto galera too!!!

  8. jona says:

    ang bilis ni aeirin..excited msyado..cute nyo nman both sa pic..

    Beauty of Life
    Money Maker
    Jona’s New Life

  9. MommaWannabe says:

    Wow you look adorable!


  10. Shebadoo says:

    Nice! Congrats on being the first to post.

    Mama Sheryl
    Aha Mama

  11. praning5254 says:

    Hi, Sis!

    You two both look food together…:-)


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