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This is just a continuation of my hubby’s birthday. Last Monday, my in laws visited us to celebrate my hubby’s birthday. They bought dinuguan, puto, KFC, and ice cream. They stayed here for almost 4 hours.

After my in laws left, my husband and I decided to go to newly opened SM Marikina.

My hubby was so KJ or kill joy. I asked him to pick any restaurant he wants but he said he’s very full ang he does not want to eat. I asked him what movie does he like, he said nothing. So, we just walked and walked and walked until we got tired. Then he asked me if we can go home, I just said yes. When we got home, he said, “I’m sorry for being a kill joy, I just want to spend my birthday with my wife alone” then he grinned…

So that’s how we celebrate my hubby’s birthday.



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  1. Z'riz says:

    sis ha! alone time… hehehehehe 🙂 sana me deposit na! God bless sis! 🙂

  2. mommy elvz says:

    Hmmm sweet naman pla eh.. hehehe

    btw vote for you sis.

  3. xxxNinaxxx says:

    mommy very sweet si hubby mo ah…kakaingit hehehe

  4. penlighted says:

    ano un? di ko magets…^_^

    ate iris…btw tagged you po.. Check out my page po…Happy Birthday to your hubby

    Light it Up

  5. Mitch says:

    Ayun naman pala gusto kasing “magsolo” hihihi!

  6. Bengbeng says:

    Happy birthday to your man 🙂


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