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I'm Sexy


You Are Very Sexy

Damn! You are one hot number. You have a lot of sex appeal.

You know you’re sexy, and you’re not afraid to put it all out there.

And while you’re very appealing, you’re careful not to be trashy or over the top.

Sexy is all about attitude. And you totally have the attitude that people love.

How You Are Sexy

You are flirtatious and fun with most people. You know how to keep things light, friendly, and sexy.

You wear sexy underwear, and that’s definitely hot. Feeling sexy is important to being sexy, even if no one knows what’s underneath your clothes.

Your modern look is sexy. You don’t give people too much of the same old thing. You like to change it up.

You are friendly and outgoing, even to people who don’t deserve it. Your positive body language makes you even sexier.

I love answering quizzes, and just for fun I decided to answer this: Are You Sexy?
And it shows that I am sexy… lol. I truly believe that sexiness is not about how fit you are or how hot you are… I agree that Sexy is all about attitude.



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