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When I was an Administrative Manager, I was assigned to a project. Since I was new to that position, I get flustered at the thought of managing a project. I was really clueless during that time. To make the story short, my project failed. If only I had known about the simple project management tool, maybe things were a lot easier.

Anyway, project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific project. To make a project to be successful one there should be a reliable project management tool like a project management software.

I found as a good source of project management tools. They offer a free trail for you to explore their system. Their free account allows you to maintain 1 project, unlimited people and client access, with 25 megabytes of data storage. They also offer simple project management software that is a web-based that can make project management simple and easy. You can assign a person to a specific task, track time of a person, and send centralized messages to everyone. So if you want to make your project management easy as one-two-three, I recommend that you try the simple project management software.

Now I wonder what if I use these simple project management softwares, maybe I’m now the CEO of that company.



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  1. Cynthia Willman says:

    I’ll bet you could have been CEO! Another project management system that’s easy to use, not terribly expensive, and has a lot of features that save me time and money is Project Insight. It’s web-based and you just pay by the month by the number of users you have. A million more features than Base Camp, for just a few dollars a month. You can see if if you’d like at


  2. john says:

    Also check out Intervals for simple web-based project management with a twist of time tracking and task management, for truly accurate and successful projects.


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