PMC WEEKLY FEST: Memorable Kisses

PMC Weekly Fest

Memorable Kisses PicturesClick the image to enlarge

My hubby and I have collections of “kiss” photos. Montsch, my hubby, loves to take pictures especially when we’re kissing. Anyway, to be honest, I can’t remember when those two pictures on the left side were taken. But, on the right side, of course it was our wedding day (December 16, 2007). And the last picture was taken on our 1st anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend.

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  1. dhangski says:

    how sweet! 🙂

  2. genny says:

    wow sweet kiss and its really memorable…

  3. jona says:

    Daming kisses ha! Sweet na sweet talaga…

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  4. Mommy Ruby says:

    graveh mommy. as in ang sweet nyo. ingit na naman ako.


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  5. arlene says:

    hi aei, that’s a very sweet collection of picture. how cute naman!

    by the way, i love your scrap lay-out here. simple lang but maganda.

  6. Z'riz says:

    Steamy sis ha! hehehe 🙂 Hus ko doesn’t really like to take pics when we’re kissing… 😀

  7. Outback-Pinay says:

    Wow.. this is such a sweet pics of you both.. Keep the love alive all the time. More healthy years to come!

    Cheers to both of you sis,


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