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I got my book


A month ago, my cousin gave me a link to a site, and she said I can get a book for free. Wow! a book for free, so I immediately clicked on the link and signed up.

This morning, I received a call from our guard saying that there is a package for me. I was clueless because I totally forgot about the book. So, I asked my husband to get it for me. When he went up, he handed me the package. I was surprised to see that it was from ADOBE SYSTEMS, INC in San Leandro, Califronia. It was the free book that my cousin told me. I called my cousin to tell her about it, and guess what? She received the free book too…

“Getting Started With Flex 3” is a guide that will tech you how to build Flash applications ranging from widget to full-featured RIAs. It’s a great book that has step-by-step mini tutoria;s along with complete code samples and pre-built Flex components for video players, a slide show, a chat client, and an RSS reader.

I’m really so excited, I can’t wait to learn it. Hopefully, I can make my own widget…


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