Coin Collector


Last Saturday, I attended my cousin’s farewell party and I got a chance to talk to her college friend, Carmi. I learned that she’s a coin collector. She even show us her coin collecting accessories.

Her collections are mainly based on countries. She obtains some coins from every country she visited. She is a flight stewardess, that makes it easier for her to get some coins. She mentioned that she buys her coin supplies on, which has the most cost effective coin accessories for her needs.

Carmi makes sure she has her coin collecting supplies like coin chemicals (which she uses to clean her coins), coins storage (keeps her collections safe), coin tongs (used in handling coins) and more.

Coin collecting sounds fun but I learned that collecting coins are not just merely collecting them and putting them somewhere. A coin collector also should learn proper coin care so that he or she can keep the value of his or her collections as high as possible.


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