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Thank you Mommy Mitch for this tag.


The object is to complete each of the following snippets. I have included the blank ones at the end of this post so they can easily be copied and pasted

Participants: Startin’ A New Life, Too / All Things Me / Because Life Is Fun / Feels Like Home / My Happy Place / Iam Dzoi / Suburban Sass / To the Moon and Back / Raising Sandy / Momma Stuff | We are Family / Etc Atbp / Aeirin’s Collections / Your Blog


I am: a proud Pinay wife.
I think: I can be successful as a SAHW
I know: someday we will have babies
I have: faith in God
I wish:to have a baby soon
I hate: breaking ups
I miss: my family
I fear: of losing someone I love
I hear: music playing on my winamp.
I smell: fried bacon.
I crave: sweets.
I search: my desktops for images
I wonder: what would be my life if I marry my ex.
I regret: not taking a vacation last summer
I love: my life, my husband and my family.
I ache: whenever I remember bad memories.
I am not: perfect.
I believe: everything happens for a reason.
I dance: when I like doing so
I sing: in the shower.
I cry: when I’m stressed.
I fight: for what is right.
I win: some.
I lose: some.
I never: thought I will get married at my ideal age of getting married.
I always: try understanding my husband.
I confuse: what is real or not.
I listen: to my heart most of the time.
I can usually be found: at home.
I am scared: dogs.
I need: my husband’s support.
I am happy about: my life.
I imagine: myself as a mom.

Now, I’m tagging Ria, Phoebe and Maybel



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  1. Maybel Mateo says:

    hi gurl! tnx sa tag… post ko nlang l8r… tnx ulit sis… ingat u plgi!!!


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