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With great power comes great responsibility


For two years, I worked as an Email Customer Support Representative (CSR) in one of the largest US automobile company. Last May of this year, I was promoted as a CSR Tier 2. I’m currently enjoying my position though it’s harder than my previous job.

But another opportunity came, one of our supervisors will resign. Now, the position for a Team Leader is open, and I still have one week to decide. Until now I am undecided. Though most of my colleagues recommend me to be the next Team Leader, but I’m still not sure… Can I do it? Am I qualified?

These are the Principal Duties and Responsibilities of a Team Leader that make me think harder in applying for this position:

-Effectively interact with team members that have diverse backgrounds and temperaments, while demonstrating a genuine interest in team members, maintaining open lines of communication with team members and being an advocate for team members.
-Coach team members on their performance on a regular basis, and write and deliver bi-annual performance appraisal.
-Communicate positive as well as negative feedback, adapting coaching styles depending on the situation and audience, providing feedback that is specific and constructive and encouraging all team members in incremental performance improvement.
-Consistently monitor team to proactively identify potential problems and with guidance ensures appropriate parties are engaged through to resolution.
-Develop relationships within the supporting business units to help resolve issues related to team members (e.g., Human Resources, WFM, Quality, etc.)
-Through coaching, ensures Agent metrics are achieved, i.e., PTV, Schedule Adherence, Attendance.
-Able to take end-to-end ownership of employee issues that require liaison with others.
-Use and promote Company recognition programs and understands the direct correlation between recognition and retention.
-Meet or exceed all deadlines for reporting.
-Demonstrate skills at analyzing trends and assist in creating action plans that determine a solution.
-Demonstrate teamwork by supporting and assisting other Team Leaders as necessary.
-Effectively use business standard oral and written communication skills on a daily basis.
-Using developed communication skills participate in recruiting efforts, attend calibration sessions, participate in conference calls, etc.
-Demonstrate flexibility by working varying shifts and responding to unanticipated events.
-Oversee transportation issues where present.
-Maintain phone skills while applying knowledge to day-to-day project experiences.
-Responsible for day-to-day functional supervision of non-exempt work group, including work assignment and attendance monitoring; providing input into selecting, training, developing, and completing performance appraisal of work group(s) in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable legal requirements.

Spiderman is right, “With great power comes great responsibility”. I hope I can make a decision before it’s too late. But I guess it’s better to try and fail than to have never tried at all… I’ll let you know my decision next week.


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