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SAHM-one Friday Meme #1


This week’s question: Looking back the days when you were still single, how would you differentiate your life now? How do you keep up with your busy schedule every day?

Being Single:
1. I can go out every time
2. I can buy anything I want (as long as I can afford it)
3. No worries about utility bills
4. No worries about the future
5. More time with friends
6. Shopping and Night out

Being Married:
1. So many responsibilities
2. Needs to save some money
3. Needs first before wants
4. Happier
5. Matured
6. more time with my hubby
7. You have to do household chores
8. You have to worry about the utility bills.

To be honest, I was lazy when I was single. I don’t do household chores. Most of the times, I was out with my friends, and didn’t care how much money I spend in a day.

But I got married a few months ago, I can say I already changed for the better. I am more responsible. I can cook now, but my husband is a better cook that’s why I let him do it. I learned how to hand-wash our clothes, clean our small house, and other household chores. I’m more worried about budgeting our money, I don’t want to (and I can’t) ask my mom for money. I’m trying to budget our money, so bye bye shopping and night outs.

And since we don’t have kids yet, I have more time for blogging and of course more time with my husband. Though, I admit sometimes I miss my single life, but I’m getting a hang of married life. I’m just worried about motherhood.

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