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While doing my usual blog hopping, I came across Mommy Ruby‘s post about Lazy Bloggers Post Generator. The Lazy Blogger Post Generator will help you create a blog post in just a few steps. Just choose from the drop down menu and click the create blog post button and you’ll have your blog post ready.

Here’s the sample post I made using this generator.

Oh My Gosh! I just found out I have not updated this since you last visited… You would not believe how insane my life has become. Unbelievable.

I am overwhelmed with keeping up with my favourite daytime soaps, watching Dexter, just generally being a Darling to my husband, my day starts from 3am to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am totally exhausted. I need a nap.

I swear I will make more of an effort to blog more often. Seriously! I mean it!.


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