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A Review for Aeirin's Collections


Yesterday, I got a message in Entrecard saying:

Thanks for advertising on my blog. A review for your blog will be published by tomorrow 12 noon as soon as your ad appears on todaysblogreview.blogspot.com

Again thanks!


I saw Shen’s blog when I was blog hopping. He’s been reviewing blogs and rate them individually based on the following:

  • Layout – this pertains to the overall layout of the blog
  • Content – quality of the content of the blog as well as topics discussed and originality
  • Coherence – this refers to the coherence of the content based on the purpose of the blog
  • Reach – reach and popularity of the blog
  • Readability – readability of the contents and easiness of navigation
  • Overall Rating – average of the ratings above.

If you want Shane to review your blog, please visit his blog for details.

Anyway, here’s his review to my blog:

REVIEW #126 (EC ADVERTISER). “A blog that I would definitely be visiting from now on.” That is my first impression on Aeirin’s Collections, although at first I did have a hard time typing her name on this blog. It is a blog which focuses on money making tips online for those who want to work at home. Well you can see it in her blog… lots of widgets and tools to make earnings possible online. What is great about this blog is that the author shares the knowledge she has… well saving the fact that she has of course referral benefits when you do click on the links… but that is ok.

Perhaps I would be trying dNeero and oDesk for they seem to be promising sources of online income. How I wish that I would also be awarded a Strong Cup of Coffee, after all sometimes I do blogging until 4 in the morning. I would be glad to display your awards here too… well that is not a demand or request but a simple wishful thought.


* Layout – 10
* Content – 10
* Coherence – 9
* Reach – 7
* Readability – 10
* Overall Rating – 9.2

The scrolling site icon is cool as well. At first you will though she is a communist because of the star but probably that is her star power. Except for the loading time this blog really rocks.

By the way if you do visit Aeirin’s Collections don’t forget to check out Only in the Philippines to know more about the Philippines.

Happy blogging and Happy reading everyone!

Thanks Shen for this wonderful review. Don’t worry I’ll try to tweak my site for faster loading time.


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