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Which do you prefer…Coke or Pepsi?


Coke or Pepsi? Ford or Toyota? McDonald’s or Jollibee? Growing up in this generation, we had the opportunity to witness some of the most pronounced advertising campaign’s in history. The battle of the brands!

Coca Cola, red and white, classic…’the real thing’ vs. Pepsi, red, white and blue, rap stars and pop icons. Are these some of the thoughts that come to mind when you think about the two products?

Some say Pepsi has a sweeter, slightly sharper taste than Coke. Some say Pepsi tastes better when eating salty foods, especially potato chips or popcorn.

But for me, there is no comparison. I grew up as Coke fan . Coke is full of body and excitement. Coke completes a meal, like Pepsi never could. Nothing tastes better than to wash down a big, juicy, double cheeseburger than with an ice cold Coke. And, pizza, I mean really, is there anything any better than a pitcher of Coke with your favorite pizza? Same for hot dogs, hot buttered popcorn, and potato chips.

Coke is fulfilling and satisfying. There is nothing better than an icy cold Coke on a hot summer day. Coke stands up to ice, and goes down smooth and cool, instantly refreshing you with the great Cola taste.

How about you? Vote now and you could win a 1 year supply of the cola of your choice!


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