What A Name! (For open minded only)


THIS WAS POSTED IN ONE RESTAURANT NEAR NAIA AIRPORT, so, maybe next time you are around the area, you may as well dine-in there, and check out their menu; AS YOU GO ON, IT’S BECOMING INTERESTING AND MORE FLAVORFUL!!! (this is based on true facts…)

1. TAPSILOG – Tapa, Sinangag, Itlog
2. LONGSILOG – Longganisa, Sinangag, Itlog
3. HOTSILOG – Hotdog, Sinangag, Itlog
4. PORKSILOG – Pork, Sinangag, Itlog
5. CHICKSILOG – Chicken, Sinangag Itlog
6. AZUCARERA – Adobong Aso
7. LUGLOG – Lugaw, Itlog
8. PAKAPLOG – Pandesal, Kape, Itlog
9. KALOG – Kanin, Itlog
10. PAKALOG – Pandesal, Kanin, Itlog
11. MAALOG NA BETLOG – Maalat na Itlog, Pakbet, Itlog
12. BAHAW – Bakang Inihaw (akala ninyo kaning lamig ano)
13. KALKAL – Kalderetang Kalabaw
14. HIMAS – Hipon Malasado
15. HIMAS SUSO – Hipon Malasado, Sugpo, Keso
16. HIMAS PEKPEK – Hipon Malasado, Kropek, Pinekpekan
17. PEKPEK MONG MALAKI – Kropek, Pinekpekan, Monggo, Malasado, Laing, Kilawin
18. DILA – Dinuguan, Laing
19. DILAAN MO – Dinuguan, Laing, Dalandan, Molo
20. BOKA BOKA – Bopis, Kanin, Bokayo, Kape
21. BOKA BOKA MO PA – Bopis, Kanin, Bokayo, Kape,Molong Pancit
22. KANTOT – Kanin, Tortang Talong
23. KANTOT PA – Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit
24. SIGE KANTOT PA – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit
25. SIGE KANTOT PA IBAON MO – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin,Tortang Talong, Pancit – Take out
26. SIGE KANTOT PA HA – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin,Tortang Talong, Pancit, Halo-halo
27. SIGE KANTOT PAIBAON MO PAPA! – Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit… Take out with Ketchup
28. PAKANTOT – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong
29. PAPAKANTOT – Papaitan, Kanin, Tortang Talong
30. PAPAKANTOT KA BA – Papaitan, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kapeng Barako
31. PAKANTOT SA YO – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong,Saging + Yosi
32. PAKANTOT KA – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong,Kape
33. PAKANTOT KA HABANG MATIGAS PA – Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kape, Inihaw na Bangus, Maruya,Tinola, Ginisang Aso, Pancit
34. SUBO! – Sugpo, Bopis
35. SUBO MO – Sugpo, Bopis, Molo
36. SUBO MO PA – Sugpo, Bopis, Molo, Pancit
37. SUBO MO PA MAIGE – Sugpo, Bopis, Molo, Mais, Pige
38. SUBO MO TITE KO – Sugpo, Bopis, Tinola, Teryaki,Kochinta
39. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS – Sugpo, Bopis, Tinola Teryaki, Kochinta, Bihon, Tawilis
40. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS, HAYOP! – …same as #39, minura mo lang yung waiter kasi ang tagal ng order.



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  1. admin says:

    hahaha!!! i like your series of post about “only in the Philippines”

    it makes me even prouder to be a beautiful filipina!!!

  2. aeirin says:

    hahaha.. correct mommy! thanks for visiting my site…

  3. Z'riz says:

    hahahaha only in d pinas talaga! i love this one! 🙂

    i miss pinas na oi! i haven’t seen any funny signs around here… 🙁


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