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Update on the Entrecard datacenter, ThePlanet


Today 12:55 AM:

After the fire marshall inspected the H1 location, ThePlanet was given the green light to bring power back to the facility. The generators have been turned on, and they are receiving power on the second floor. The generator power restoration is the first step in the full restoration of service to the data center.

From here, they will begin the process of cooling the DC floor, which could take a few hours. As soon as the power integrity is confirmed and the DC floor is ready for operation, they will be restoring power and checking server hardware on a rack-by-rack basis.

Today 1:55 AM:

Following the restoration of power to the second floor of the data center, they’ve cooled the data center floor and are now in the process of systematically restoring power to racks.

They’ve got a full staff in the data center to power up racks in sections and verify that the server hardware starts up successfully. This process may take a few hours to restore service to all customer servers on the second floor.

Today 03:05 AM:

They are continuing the process of turning on and verifying hardware integrity of customer servers on the second floor of H1.

Their network operations team is currently working on the ev1servers.net nameservers to ensure that they are online, are routed to correctly, and propogate as quickly as possible.

Servercommand is currently online and accessible.

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