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Thank You From A Noob


I would consider myself as a noob in blogging even though I started blogging since 2007. This is the only time I take blogging seriously.

And for that, I would like to thank the following:

Aispinay taught me a lot about blogging (social bookmarking, adsense, css codes, page elements, traffics and more). She was the first visitor of my blog… Thank you and I miss you. We haven’t talk in a while.

Trixie (my cousin): Thanks for sharing Kuler (that’s where I got my color scheme), and for making my banner for free…

Zriz: Thanks for the Blog Buster site, it really helps me a lot. Also, thanks for the buzz.

Mommy Ruby: Thank you for making PMC (a great community for Filipina Mommy Bloggers and Friends.) I gain so many friends with PMC. Thanks for including me in your projects like Pexlinks Triple Love; for giving me codes for my site, for the money-making-sites, and for editing my badge.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of my loving blogger friends that made my blogging life worth blogging for.


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