Ferry sinks off Romblon; fate of 823 passengers unknown


Earlier, I posted about my unfortunate day. I was wrong. I realized I’m still lucky. I texted my mom about our situation. After 30 minutes, here comes my mom to the rescue. She brought us groceries and lunch. Yipee…

Anyway, we had a little chitchat about the typhoon. I was shocked when she mentioned that a passenger ship carrying 823 people sunk off the coast of Sibuyan Island in the central Philippines after encountering huge wages brought by typhoon “Frank” (international codename Fengshen).

According to the news, the M/V Princess of the Star sent a distress signal late on Saturday from the area after becoming stranded when Typhoon Fengshen swept across the country. By late Saturday night, there were no more communications received from the ship.

Three Navy vessels have been readied to rescue the passengers and crew. The vessel nearest the area, the PG378 stationed in Masbate province, had to abort its rescue mission due to “gigantic waves, pounding rain, and gusty winds.

Police in the town of San Fernando in Romblon province reported that the MV Princess of Stars of Sulpicio Lines was found upside down off the coast of the town. The ferry capsized about three to four kilometers (1.8 to 2.4 miles) off San Fernando town.

Two of fatalities, estimated to be 40 years old and believed to be a couple, were tied to an unidentified object. The other female victim was estimated to be in her 60s while the other male victim was in his 50s. Childrens’ slippers were scattered on the shoreline.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo directed the defense and local government departments to stand by for relief and rescue missions before she left for the United States late Saturday.

This news really saddens me. Let’s pray for the safety of our fellow Filipinos.


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