dNeero Really Pays


Mommy Ruby proved that dNeero really pays. She posted a screen capture of her Paypal transaction details in her blog showing dNeero’s payment.

How does it work?
dNeero helps social people make money joining conversations and posting their opinions where their peers can join in. You can post it to your TypePad, LiveJournal, WordPress, MySpace, Blogger, Friendster, Yahoo! 360 , Tagged, Xanga Zimbio , and more.

After filling out a questions at dNeero.com, you’ve already reserved some money for your effort… but haven’t earned it yet. To capture that money all you have to do is post your answers to your blog and generate some traffic for a few days (all you have to do is copy-and-paste a single line of code). Your blog readers will see your answers along with any other thoughts you had about the conversation. Your readers can then join the conversation, or see how others from your blog answered. If they join the conversation and get paid, dNeero pay you a recruitment fee based on what they earn.

As of now, I have $1.59 in my account. I need to have $20 to get it. For security and ease-of-use, dNeero sends payment to your PayPal account. If you don’t have PayPal account, don’t worry. Sign up here. Setting up a PayPal account takes only minutes. Once you have a PayPal account you simply enter your PayPal address (usually your email address) into the dNeero system on your account settings page so that dNeero can send you the money.

How to Get Started

Sign Up is free. dNeero will collect some basics like email and password and then send you an email message to activate your account. After your first log in they will collect some basic demographic information (age, gender, location, etc.) so that we can find the best opportunities for you. They will present you a list of conversation opportunities, you’ll join conversations of your choosing and within minutes you’ll see an account balance. They will pay your PayPal account whenever you accrue $20 in your account… no waiting until the end of calendar quarters!

What are you waiting for, sign up now and earn some cash!


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