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A Letter for my Daddy


This week’s PMC Weekly Fest is a tribute to our father or hubby…

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There are so many things that I want to say to you, but I don’t have the courage to do it. Love and hate, two words to describe my feelings for you… I guess you know what I meant.

Hate? I do not hate you for what you are.. However, I hate those “unpleasant things” you did to us. I hate those years that you are not on our side. It was hard for us to see our own mom hurting. You let us down and betrayed our trust..

But I thank you, for those experiences make me stronger. It made me the person I am right now. Also, thank you for admitting your mistakes and coming back to our lives. I hope you keep in mind the promise you made; the promise you made with mom to stay married until “death do, us apart” is a serious promise. Please don’t let us down again. Though we are still hurting, it feels different when you are back.. We are complete again.

Love? of course, I still love you. Let’s forgive and forget the “unpleasant past”. You taught me that everything does work out for the best, that love is possible and if God throws you a curve ball, that whatever is next to come is meant to come, everything happens for a reason.

I never told you enough that I love you but I think we both knew that we didn’t need words to understand one another. That unspoken words were stronger than those spoken… I want you to know, though you had mistakes in the past, it does not makes you a lesser Dad. You are still a great Dad..

Happy Father’s Day

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  1. momgen says:

    Nice entry you have…

    Mine is here

  2. admin says:

    this could be my daughter’s letter to his father soon enough.

  3. Z'riz says:

    hmm probably be a letter to my own father….well this is why i’m not writing anything about my father…hate is an understatement…

  4. aeirin says:

    hmmm I guess I’m not along in this kind of situation…


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