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Filipino Recipe: SINIGANG


Ingredients for Pork Sinigang

3/4 kilo Pork, cut into chunks
3 tomatoes, sliced
2 onions, diced
5 cloves of garlic, minced
100 grams Kangkong (river spinach)
100 grams String beans
2 pieces horse radishes, sliced
3 pieces gabi (taro), pealed
2 pieces sili pag sigang (green finger pepper)
200 grams sampalok (tamarind)
3 tablespoons of patis (fish sauce)
1 liter of rice wash or water


  • Boil sampalok (tamarind) in water until the shell shows cracks. Let cool then peal off the shells and with a strainer, pour sampalok (tamarind) including water into a bowl. Gently massage the sampalok (tamarind) meat off the seeds, strain again.
  • In a pot, sauté garlic and onion then add the tomatoes. Let simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add pork and fish sauce then add the rice wash. Bring to a boil then simmer for 15 minutes then add the gabi. Continue to simmer for another 15 minutes or until the pork is tender.
  • Add the horse radish and simmer for 10 minutes then add the string beans, kangkong and sili (for spice-optional). Let boil for 2 minutes.
  • Serve piping hot.

Sinigang Cooking Tip:

Instead of sampalok fruit (tamarind), you can substitute it with any commercial souring seasoning like Knorr sampalok seasoning or tamarind bouillon cubes for this pork sinigang recipe.

Estimated cooking and preparation time: 1 hour


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  1. Paula says:

    Your sinigang looks really yummy!I am thinking of cooking it this week. I usually add kangkong and string beans only but I think I’ll try gabi too.

  2. aeirin says:

    Yeah gabi makes a diffence in sinigang.. try it.. and let me know the outcome


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