Your Dress Says A Lot about You


There are some individuals who are happy to roll out of bed every morning and put on any clothes they can find in their closet or drawers. They just want others to accept them for who they are, no matter what kind of clothing they have. Of course, for some individuals, this works out just fine. However, if you want to be taken seriously, particularly in the business world, you need to dress a certain way. Or at least you need to realize that the way you dress is going to affect the way others view you.

Just think of how you would feel if you were meeting with a doctor and he or she came to work wearing sweatpants or something that looked like pajamas. You might not feel very confident in their ability to diagnose your health problem and provide treatment. You expect someone in that position to wear dickies lab coats, scrubs, or other professional clothing that is usually associated with doctors and individuals in the medical field. This boosts your confidence in their ability to treat your health problem. In addition to the image and professionalism it projects, scrubs and lab coats usually look clean, boosting your confidence in the medical care the person is giving you even more.

The same idea is also true in the professional world. There may be some cases where an individual can wear casual clothing in a office building, but for the most part individuals are usually required to wear professional clothing. You have likely heard individuals say that you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have. There is a reason why this statement is true. When you dress for the job you want, your boss and other individuals who are in a position to promote you are going to take you more seriously. Your dress tells them that you are responsible, professional, and ready to receive a promotion.

Thankfully, there is room for style and fashion in most professional settings. Just because you may be required to wear a certain type of clothing while at work, this does not mean that your personality cannot shine through a little bit. Make sure that what ever you choose to wear says the right thing about you. You want to let others know that you are competent, responsible, and completely capable of the job you have or want.


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