Telemedicine and You


New advances in medicine, technology and communication have made telemedicine a lot more than simple phone calls every once in awhile. Now patients and doctors can have a true exam and forge real connections. Many doctors are choosing to use telemedicine, or telehealth, in their offices and practices, so we decided to take a look at this new service.

Often times, when a doctor decides to begin a telemedicine service, it is associated with hiring their services out to a hospital or other medical institution. The ability to help diagnose patients without having to leave their offices is a convenient way to increase revenue and patient base.

Even more common are doctors who sign up with companies specializing in the telehealth field. These companies, who contract their services out to the medical institutions for you, offer telemedicine jobs for physicians of all specialties. They operate through a call back service in which the physician returns a call to a patient within a certain time. Signing up is usually easy, and the technology needed is pretty basic computer peripherals.

Now let’s look at the pay for these type of telemedicine jobs. Some companies pay $30 or more to the physicians for a consultation, though this varies from company to company. Scheduling is also varied among the companies out there. Some ask physicians to sign up in shifts, while others operate on more of a will-call type of situation. Always check on these types of details before signing on.


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