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Baguio Day 2


Hello again from Baguio. It’s our second day here. Or should I say it’s our third day because it is already 1:50 am.

I, together with some bloggers, started our second day at Baguio with a sumptuous breakfast, followed by a tour in Eurotel’s European-inspired rooms. Eurotel has Suites, Studio, and Standard. Each room has own its amenities and theme. Some rooms have windows and very elegant curtains, which looks like a matouk, some has European architecture or skyscraper inspired wallpapers. Other rooms especially the Suite has bath tub. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about Eurotel in my next post in Pinayads.com

After the tour, we had a tour around Baguio. We went to Bell Church. I’ve been to Baguio but this was the first time I went to Bell Church. After Bell Church, we had lunch at Oh My Gulay.

Our next stop was Tam-awan Village. It is an artists colony set amid a charming collection of Ifugao and Kalinga huts. We had some snacks then we went to Strawberry farm. Most of us bought vegetables since La Trinidad is known for cheaper veggies. After our veggie shopping, we decided to stop by at Good Shepherd to buy ube.

Around 7pm, we had our dinner at Barrio Fiesta. At 10PM, we went to D’ Kamalig comedy bar where we had some booze. Then before midnight, we went back to the hotel and had our body massage!!!

As of writing this post, I’m so sleepy and my eyes are already half-closed. So again, please bear with me! I’ll tell you more about our stay in Baguio soon.


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