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Thinking too much of diet pills


My husband and I were in a quest to find a cheap but high-quality computer chair. His chair was broken years ago and we haven’t got a replacement. So yesterday, we decided to go to Alimall.

It’s been years since I’ve set foot in that mall and I was surprised with the changes. While checking some stores, my husband asked me if I know the history of Alimall. I answered, “Is it from the word alli , an over the counter diet pill?.” He just laughed and asked me where did I get that idea. I just smiled since I’m not sure why I answered that. Maybe I was thinking too much of diet pills because I need to shed some pounds before my cousin’s wedding.

Anyway, my husband and I failed in our quest. There are some computer chairs available but it’s not what we are looking for. We’ll try it again next week.


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