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Be happy and stay fit


Nowadays, there seems to be an obsession about how we look, what weight we are and what size clothes we wear. It’s everywhere we look, newspapers, magazines, television, billboards…everywhere!

There are many people who are wanting to get back in shape. Some want to lose enough weight to wear that little black dress while others just want to get back the body they used to have a few years ago.

But it’s not just about these issues, our physical health is hugely important and crucial to having a long and happy life. Here are just a few reasons why we should get fit and healthy.

1. Reduce your risk of illness.

If you are fit and take exercise you have a higher chance of living longer, it’s that simple. You feel better and have much more energy. You are more likely to ease the symptoms of common ailments such PMS, menopause, varicose veins and lower-back pain. Your suppleness improves and you generally recover quicker from an accident. You can reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Overall, you have a general sense of well-being.

2. Weight Loss:

For most of us losing weight is not an easy task, some take diet pills that work. Others by exercising regularly. Doing some physical training, you can improve your metabolic rate and therefore, burn off more calories. Once you’ve lost the excess pounds you are more likely to maintain your new weight by continuing your fitness regime. Dieting is not just about eating less, it’s crucial that you keep walking, swimming, going to the gym, or whatever exercise you feel is more beneficial to you.

3. Happiness:

Living healthily will not only make you and your family feel and look better, chances are you’ll be a lot happier. You will have a positive outlook on life and will be able to enjoy all that it has to offer. Your mind and body will be improved and you will be on your way to living a long and happy life. Like my friend Ria, the secret to her diet is happiness. Now she lost 21 pounds already.

In conclusion, be happy and stay fit, It’s the best way forward!


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