Tips on Making a Small Room Appear Larger


Compact living spaces are a boon for the environment – lower carbon footprint and all that. But, let’s face it, small spaces are a hassle for those who like their clutter and a feeling of freedom.

There are various tips that can be found useful while thinking of a home redecoration program or home renovation. Though you may find some of the rooms of your house quite small and uncomfortable, using some design concepts you can fool the eye and make your rooms seem larger. The following are some of the home improvement ideas which will make your rooms look bigger.

  • Lights plays an important role in defining a room. Make sure that the room is not overflowing with light. You can also use accent lights instead of normal lights to highlight certain areas of the room.
  • For wall colors, you can even choose something like beige or light green and not necessarily white.
  • Furniture can be set at angles. Select furniture according to room size. You can use log furniture to bring the natural and peaceful feel of mother nature to your home.
  • Another innovative way of lending the appearance of space in a room is by using mirrors. You can bring the best effect to a room’s look by the use of mirrors. Adding more light and reflecting it around a room really does open up a space. Frosted glass doors work to add a greater sense of space – and then using feature mirrors to bounce that light around even more can be a help. Glossy floor tiles or shiny cabinetry are other mirror-like tricks to resort to if you don’t like mirrors.

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